6 Week FiTONIC Method Plan









It is harder for you to lose weight than before?

Do you lack energy or feel self-conscious about your body?

Are you unsure of what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat?

Are you sick of trying to change and feeling like a failure?

Is your life busy and you need simple solutions?


Reshape Your Body and How Your Eat in 6 Weeks 

"The workouts were fun and much different from what I normally do. The people in the group are really nice too. Sara Grey runs the challenge and you really feel that she personally cares about you." - Kathleen




- Product Bundle that includes 6 weeks of FiTONIC Protein Blends PLUS be the first to receive FiTONIC's new Fast Aminos and Rest when they release 
- Nutrition Guide (downloadable and printed) 
- Habit Journal (downloadable and printed)
- 6 Video Modules 
- 6 Week Meal Plan (downloadable and printed)
- Mid-Week Video Boosters 
- Access to our Private Facebook Group   
- Free FiTONIC t-shirt when you FINISH the plan!


Our BASIC Plan is for you if you: 

- Prefer to be self-guided 
- Don't need help with accountability 
- Want to learn the fundamentals without additional coaching support



"The group is supportive, non-judgmental and shares what works for them. Sara Grey is the best cheerleader and had great tips as we worked our way through the challenge. She understands where you are and where you want to go. I liked being able to mix up my exercise routine with the workouts we were given and the exercise library was helpful when I wasn’t familiar with the activity. I plan on continuing the program."- Georgia


Our PREMIUM Plan is for you if you: 


- Are all in and 100% ready to make huge changes!
- Have tried to change how you eat several times without success and know that extra support makes a difference.
- Are fully committed to success and don't want to wait any longer!






Sara Grey, CEO of FiTONIC and nutrition coach, certified in Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism, SCW, certified in Active Aging Nutrition, SCW.

Sara Grey founded FiTONIC to fuel busy lives with simple nutrition. Grey has created no drama nutrition programs through product formulations and programs. As an accomplished athlete and eating solutions guru, Grey is devoted to helping others change their food habits for lean bodies, glowing skin, and energy at every age. 




Questions? Email us at hello@FitonicBody.com


our protein promise

  • Grass-Fed Whey

  • rBST Free

  • Paleo Product



  • Artificial Free


We aim to change the way women talk to each other and themselves about their bodies, their health, and their hustle. Hear from some FiTONIC change makers.

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