We get it! Our site is packed with resources, information, programs,and dreamy products–all the things! You’re ready to transform, but where do you begin?! First, let’s start with HEY, LOVELY! And WELCOME! We are so excited for the adventure with YOU!
Hello, new friend! I’m Sara Grey, the Founder of FiTONIC and creator of the FiTONIC Method Nutrition System, an author and public speaker, and developer of our award-winning products. 
Our weekly email subscription and videos now entertain and inform people all over the country and world! I’m also the host of the hit podcast FiTONIC Method. I’m a self-proclaimed “kitchen chemist” and “test subject” who loves to create delicious, guilt-free recipes, effective workouts, and figure out the best food, fitness, health, and self-care hacks for real, busy lives! 
My mission is to help YOU bust through plateaus and energize or repair your relationship with food and fitness and transform your body and life!
You see after hitting rock bottom in my 20s, I was stress-eating boxes (not bowls) of cereal, heaps of ice cream stacked with peanut butter, and cookie dough. My eating was out of control. But so was my life. The span of my hips seemed like the least of my problems.
Then I discovered something: I couldn’t control everything, but I could control what I ate. So I did.
And with each bite I changed not just my figure but my entire life. I regained control and told myself I was valuable. I decided that I deserved clean food made with integrity from the best ingredients. I would choose what nourished me. 
My body reshaped dramatically, and so did my confidence. That led to huge positive changes in every area of my life.
But as I aged, I noticed myself feeling drained, the weight creeping back on, my skin changing, my stomach hurting, trouble sleeping, and mood swings.
I found that what had worked for me before with nutrition and exercise wasn’t working anymore. My body had changed! Feeling lean and confident was getting harder despite my effort!
So I obsessively studied nutrition and fitness. I researched the science of food and the psychology of eating. I studied habit formation and mindset shifts. I hunted for the very best herbs, super-foods and supplements. It became my passion and my life’s true work: helping others reshape their bodies and lives at any age! I built a nutrition system and formulated clean, effective supplements that would fuel and nourish busy gorgeous lives. 
If your eating feels out of control or if you are struggling with your weight, energy, skin, or fitness despite your efforts, I want to help!