Like you, FiTONIC is ever-changing, learning and growing. But these things will always be true for us

We believe in the everyday female athletes. We believe in the struggle, the sweaty work, the I-don’t-feel-like-doing-this-right-now-but-I’ll-do-it anyway attitude that it takes to be your best. Total champions. There’s a reason the jar’s lid is gold! And it rhymes with Schmolympics.

We aim to reshape how women talk to each other and themselves about their bodies and their health. We’re about whole-body health, which means defining health and fitness in ways that are more dynamic than a number on a scale. Our products and programs are designed to transform how you move, how you motivate, how you feel inside and out, and how you see yourself in this wild and gawgeous world.

Our products and programs are made with care and integrity. Always. From the ingredients we select for our protein blends to how those ingredients are grown to the research we use that supports our recommendations on how to properly train and fuel your body. You don’t take shortcuts and neither do we.

We don’t photoshop bodies. Ever. We don’t carve into waistlines, erase cellulite, cover up my babies-were-here marks, whittle down arms, create fake thigh-gaps... Why? Because we don’t need to. Just like you, our FiTONIC athletes are already so fine. Thick thighs, holla!!

We don’t do weight-loss before and after photos. Ever. Like ever ever. We don’t post photos of women stripped down to her barely-theres, looking disappointed, next to photographs of women 10 lbs lighter, hoping to be more loveable. Ugh. Mean. Weird. Enough. Stop.

We do crusher before and after photos. The before and after photos we wanna see are ones of you getting ready to race your first triathlon next to the ones of you crossing that FINISH line or the ones of your first attempted pull-up next to the ones of you churning those babies out like butta. Show us those pics! We didn’t buy all these bull horns and face paints for nothin’!


Dare to live the life you dreamed for yourself. This was how our dreaming started.

Sara Grey founded FiTONIC to make whole-body health easier. A former NCAA Division 1 athlete, with a biology degree and lifelong interest in the impact of nutrition and movement on our health, Sara’s pre-gym morning ritual meant making potions of protein, herbs, supplements, superfoods, and power flowers to fuel her hustle. In order to get out the door faster, Grey streamlined her formulas, creating FiTONIC protein blends in the process.

The spirit of FiTONIC has been incubating for decades. An avid athlete, Grey runs, weight trains, bikes, hikes, swims, yogas, and she’s always on the lookout for a new challenge. Along the way, she discovered that as she developed tenacity and resilience by pushing through her fitness boundaries, she also developed the tenacity and resilience she needed to transform her life, which kinda came in handy, because..

In her 20s, Grey was a broke single-mother, working as a waitress on welfare insurance, sleeping with her infant son in her arms on a family member’s couch. When her son was 5-months old, she enrolled in law school, determined to provide for him. After graduating with honors, she joined a prestigious law firm as a litigator and developed a successful career. She is now the mother of four sons, married to her best friend and workout partner, and crushing new goals every day.

Grey understands feelings of failure but she also knows what it means to breakthrough and transform your life, step by step, until you’re ready to unleash into a race-finisher’s sprint. She’s continued to overcome obstacles, whether it’s in the courtroom or on the gym floor. Grey created FiTONIC for other women who also want to climb mountains, who need to do that thing that seems impossible until it isn’t.

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