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Natural Vanilla & Sweet Lucuma


One serving per container. Mix contents with 6 oz of water, milk, or your favorite nut milk for a mega yummy shake. Add more or less liquid to match your particular taste happiness.

  • Collagen
  • HMB (3-Hydroxy 3 Methyl Butyrate Monohydrate) 
  • Guayusa
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Brown Seaweed Extract
  • Sunflower Extract

Pronounced loo-koo-ma, it’s a hidden gem Peruvian superfruit! It has a mellow sweetness with subtle hints of creamy citrus. Lucuma is known as “Gold of the Incas” and the flavor is so amazing that it’s the most popular ice cream flavor in Peru. Heck, it’s so delicious that there are over 20 villages named after it.


GUAYUSA (gwhy-you-sa) is an herb native to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador where it’s been cultivated and part of the Amazonian culture for over 2,000 years. Guayusa rocks so hard because its unique blend of natural caffeine with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids has an energizing effect. This fab little herb is like if coffee moved in with a bunch of superfood friends.

  • Calories 120
  • Total Fat 1g
  • Cholesterol 10mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 5g
  • Sugars 1g
  • Protein (from Whey & Collagen) 21g
  • Calcium 80mg
  • Sodium 180mg
  • Proprietary Blend 24.6g (Whey Protein Isolate, Collagen Protein) Waksman (Brown Seaweed Extract) 50g
  • Digeseb® enzyme blend [Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Invertase, Lipase, Maltase, Peptizyme, Papain, Protease I, II, III]
  • Caffeine (from green coffee beans) 34mg
  • Guayusa (leaf) extract (8.5mg caffeine) 50mg
  • HMB [calcium 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-butyrate] 25mg
  • Chia seed powder 200mg

Other Ingredients: Xanthan Gum, Dehydrated Coconut Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Acacia Gum, Natural Flavors, Less than 2% of: Coconut Palm Sugar, Sea Salt, Stevioside (from Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf).

Contains Milk, Coconut.



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