Chocolate Covered Cherry FiTONIC Blissed Protein Smoothie


Do you want something that can satisfy that sweet tooth, but without the guilt that comes after?  Try this chilled smoothie on for size.  Super easy to make, and delicious to boot. Plus cherries are loaded with all the good stuff and are proven to help you sleep, lowers your risk for heart disease and increases your memory!  That's a win, win, win.  So get started with this yummy recipe!


If you are busy and on the go, try making this the night before you plan to drink it, keep it chilled in the refrigerator and you have a tasty breakfast ready to grab on your way out the door.




1 scoop FiTONIC Blissed Protein Powder

1 ½ c. chilled almond milk (or your fave milk or nut milk)

¾ c. frozen cherries

1 T. chia seeds




Blend all ingredients. Add whip cream to top, if it's that kind of day! Enjoy!

xoxo - Sara Grey



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