Chocolate FiTONIC Blissed Protein Pudding

FiTONIC Blissed Chocolate Protein Pudding

It started because I wanted to find something sweet to enjoy with my sons when they were having a treat after dinner. I wanted something creamy and chocolaty. Something I could scoop out of a dish like ice cream. And I found it! Chocolate deliciousness in a dish!  .

This chocolate pudding has plenty of protein, is smooth, and creamy. It's the right amount of sweet without all the sugars and carbs. And it keeps you on track with your macro nutrients, if you track those. 

I realize that until you've used avocados in a recipe like this, you might be skeptical. But try it. They add the creamy texture, and you don't taste the avocados. Really. Make sure that the avocado you use is very ripe and soft to avoid a chunky pudding. 


1 scoop FiTONIC Blissed Protein Powder
2 T cocoa powder
1/4 c. unsweetened almond milk 
1/2 avocado (very ripe and soft)
1 pack Stevia
Mint leaves or crushed peppermint to sprinkle (optional)


Blend. Chill. Sprinkle with mint leaves or crushed peppermint (optional). Eat. Enjoy! 

xoxo - Sara Grey

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