EP. 99 Taking Charge Of Your Relationship With Food/ Motivation Monday

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Food has this amazing capability to control us.  Like a controlling boyfriend that we know we should leave... but he’s just too cute.  Our relationship with food is similar. We feel bad, and allow our emotions to control our eating habits and then we feel terrible afterward because we feel so out of control.  Instead of us controlling what we eat, we feel like we are being dragged around by our food cravings.



In this episode, I get real with you about strategies and tactics to eat healthily and happily.  I share my own struggle. From how our decision-making process wanes throughout the day to how we can set ourselves up to have to make less bad decisions.  I also get real with some stories of my binging days as a child. We talk real in this episode! You ready?

Topics We Talk About:

  • How easy it is to allow binging habits to take over.
  • How does a bad relationship with food relate to a bad relationship?
  • Should you try intermittent fasting?
  • Are juice fasts the way to go?


Quotes from the show:

  • “You feel out of control with bad eating habits.” @PowerHustle @FitonicBody #PowertheHustle  Click to Tweet
  • “Food can become the thing that your brain relies on for stimulation.” @PowerHustle @FitonicBody #PowertheHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Find things that help you have consistent behavior.” @PowerHustle @FitonicBody #PowertheHustle Click to Tweet


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