EP. 95 How to Eat to Maximize Weight Loss with Karen Martel

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Have you struggled with the on again, off again diet game?  You go on a diet and you see a little progress but not much and then you give it up.  Or maybe you’re struggling to lose that last ten pounds after having your recent child.  From calorie counting to the million and one diets out there how can we know what to believe and what not to believe?  How to we wade through all the differing opinions when it comes to weight loss and health? Even with training, having things shift can help both behaviorally and physiologically.



This week I sit down with nutrition coach Karen Martel who has struggled with the diet game, as well as bulimia.  She brings to our attention something that is commonly overlooked, our hormones. If you are doing everything right with your diet and workouts there can be more going on and it’s not just you.  In this episode, we talk how to test your hormone levels and if they are off how to get them back on track.

Questions Asked:

  • Is it important to get hormone testing?
  • Is calorie restriction and counting good?
  • How do you handle portion control without counting calories?
  • What’s the difference between the keto and primal diet?
  • Having access to junk food and dealing with that.


Topics Covered:

  • The relation between hormones and weight loss.
  • Portion control.
  • Counting calories, the truth behind it.
  • Ketosis and how it works.


Quotes from the show:


  • “You have to find a way that your eating satisfies you.” @KartenMartelCTNC  @FitTONICBody @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Don’t associate not eating with negativity.” @KartenMartelCTNC  @FitTONICBody @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “If we think we are suffering we fight against it.” @KartenMartelCTNC  @FitTONICBody @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Choose healthy because you love this.” @KartenMartelCTNC  @FitTONICBody @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “What’s more important to have the stuffing or the pie?” @KartenMartelCTNC  @FitTONICBody @PowerHustle Click to Tweet


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