EP. 92 Body Shaming and Body Positivity with Jeny Pascua

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"Pig jaws."

"A single surgery would remedy [your face]."

These are just a few of the unbelievable viewer comments that accomplished television personality Jeny Pascua has received over the years.



In this deeply personal episode, Jeny opens up about how those kinds of comments have impacted her, how their bad viewer voices have invaded her headspace, why she has kept some of the worst comments, and what she's doing now to see her body as a force, instead of a failure.

Questions Asked:

  • Why do you keep your hate mail?
  • Have others comments caused you to hate something about your body?
  • Why do women body shame other women?
  • Are there other ways we can join the body positivity thought process?


Topics Covered:

  • Dealing with negativity.
  • How mean comments can affect how we view our body.
  • How do we shift our focus to body positivity?
  • How to be open and vulnerable with your own self.


Quotes from the show: 


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