EP. 88 Why and How to Make A Vision Board/Motivation Monday

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Have you ever heard of vision boards? Maybe you have some idea of what it is but are still skeptical and just view it as setting more new years goals that you won’t see through.  However, creating a vision board has changed my life. How?



In this episode, I tell you the importance of creating a vision board and how it relates to you setting and achieving new goals to further yourself.  So how do you create one? Where do you get ideas from? What should it focus on? We cover all that and more in today’s episode.

Topics We Talk About:

  • What is a vision board?
  • How do you make a vision board?
  • The importance of envisioning what you want to accomplish.


Quotes from the show:

  • “Let yourself see what your brain wants to do.” @PowerHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “The ability to envision can set you apart.” @PowerHustle @FitonicBody  Click to Tweet

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