EP. 86 Hormones, Fertility, and Your Menstrual Health with Lindsay Meisel

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Have you ever struggled with understanding your menstrual cycle? Are you trying to get pregnant and have trouble predicting the best time for your ovulation?  Or maybe you’ve just struggled with knowing what’s going on hormonally with your body and why you feel the way you do.


In this week’s episode I sit down with Lindsay Meisel team member of Ava Women, a company that specializes in understanding women’s hormones, menstrual cycles, and ovulation periods.  She helps answer so many questions that many of us have asked ourselves about why we feel the way we do.

Questions Asked:

  • Are people looking into menstrual cycles for reasons other than pregnancy?
  • Who can benefit from tracking menstrual cycles and hormones?
  • How can the Ava tracker help you with infertility?


Topics Covered

  • Menstrual Health
  • How to predict your cycles better.
  • How nutrition plays into our menstrual cycles and hormones.
  • Dealing with the stress of struggling to get pregnant.


Quotes from the show:

  • “Your hormones are not your destiny.” @AvaWomen #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “Once you stop thinking about it then you get pregnant.” @AvaWomen #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “Reclaim your stress.” @AvaWomen #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet


How you can stay in touch with Lindsay Meisel:

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How you can stay in touch our sponsor site We are FiTONIC: https://fitonicbody.com/


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