EP. 84 Should You Weigh Yourself? (Andrea Forsythe)/ Sweat Friends

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Have you ever wondered if you should weigh yourself? Sometimes weighing ourselves can bring on a load of shame or frustration if it’s not reflecting what we want to see. Weighing ourselves can often have the reverse effect that we want it to have. So how can you measure yourself to know if you are on track and making progress?



In this episode, I sit down with my sweat friend Andrea Forsythe and we discuss the ins and outs of weighing ourselves.  From funny stories of avoiding the scale to how you can use other methods to track your progress, we dive into all things on measuring yourself to avoid the shame and guilt.

Topics We Talk About:

  • Do you weigh yourself?
  • How can your clothes tell you about your fitness journey?
  • Does what we eat affect the way we think we look?


Quotes from the show:

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