EP. 83 How to Make Your Gut Healthy with Lana Coxton

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Have you ever struggled with abdominal pain?  Maybe you’ve had intermittent periods of gut health problems, or perhaps you struggle with something more long-term like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Or maybe diabetes has affected your health as well as diet. Regardless of your experience with food intolerance or gut health, everything is tied to it, from stress to mental health.



In this week’s episode, I sit down with Lana Coxton who loves to talk about...well, poop.  What affects our gut health, and how does our overall health relate to it? From overcoming intolerance to certain foods, to trying to get skinny by getting our gut health on track we cover all topics related to our gut.  In addition, we dive into the metabolic syndrome, as well as diabetes and how we can drastically affect these illnesses with food.

Questions Asked:

  • What should someone do initially with abdominal pain?
  • Is it true that intolerance to foods can come and go?
  • How does stress affect our gut health?
  • Can fecal transplants assist with weight loss?


Topics Covered:

  • Fecal Transplants
  • Abdominal Pain and What it Means
  • Stress and the Gut
  • Diabetes


Quotes from the show:


  • “There’s a connection with our microbiome and mental health.” @LanaCoxtonrd #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “Always go to the health perspective.” @LanaCoxtonrd #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “Let’s talk about how you are eating.” @LanaCoxtonrd #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “We can be a major cause of insulin resistance.” @LanaCoxtonrd #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet
  • “What is your integrity in the gut?” @LanaCoxtonrd #PowertheHustle @FitonicBody Click to Tweet


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