EP. 79 - Losing Weight After 40

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Have you ever wondered why it gets harder to lose weight, or stay in shape after 40?  Is it all in your mind or is there truth to it? How much do our hormones and physiological state change our ability to stay in shape?  Does menopause hinder our workouts as well?



In today’s episode, I talk about how age affects us when it comes to staying healthy and in shape.  We discuss how to keep things moving despite your age and how to not allow your age to keep you stuck. From dealing with menopause to changing our sleep habits, we talk about how to continue to crush your fitness goals and stay healthy regardless of your age.


  • Continuing to move after 40.
  • Changes in your metabolism as you age.
  • The importance of our sleep and its effect on our workouts.
  • Should you lift weights?


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