EP. 77: How To Build Confidence with Daysha Veronica

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Have you struggled with feeling confident? Do you struggle with mental confidence or body confidence?  Society can make us feel ashamed for who and what we are, and most of us have struggled with this in one way or another.  There are stereotypes on what being fit looks like that are unrealistic, and we need to break down the walls of one size fits all.



In this episode, I sit down with Daysha Veronica who has made it her goal to bring out the power that is inside women and allow the confidence within them to surface and make them powerful and confident with their bodies.  We discuss what health looks like and how it can be different than what we are told. We talk about being healthy and thick to “treat” meals, and everything in between. If you are ready to take your confidence to a whole new level get ready for this episode.

Questions Asked:

  • Can we shift our confidence through our life habits?
  • What struggles have you had with body image?
  • What are the four queen commandments?


Topics Covered:

  • How to get in touch with the power within you.
  • How to focus on health rather than physique.
  • Appreciating your body regardless of the stereotypes.


Quotes from the show:



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