EP. 72 Stay Fit Over the Holidays (Anna Baeten)/ Sweat Friends

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Do the holidays completely mess up your schedule and get you off track with your fitness goals? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the food at all the parties and want to throw your hands up when it comes to maintaining your goals?  From the parties with tables of food to the snacks in the break rooms, the holidays can be an extremely tough time to stay fit, not to mention missing gym days.



Today my sweat friend Anna joins me for a fun filled episode loaded with tips on how to stay fit over the holidays.  We discuss how to stay focused with your food, how to adjust your schedule to make sure you still hit the gym and how to handle the stress of the holidays.

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Quotes from the show:

  • “I equate food with emotions.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “We find a way of getting back to normal in an unhealthy way.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “A lot of stress has to do with not knowing what’s going to happen.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet

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