EP. 66 Dry Shampoo & Workout Hygiene Hidden Secrets (Anna)/Sweat Friends

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I’m actually terrified to share this episode...but I’ve gotta ask, how often do you take a shower? I mean really. Can we just talk about this? Have you ever found yourself asking if you can make it another day without one?  Or maybe you just squeezed in a quick workout between meetings and just don’t have time for it! Is that acceptable? Yes? No? What do you think!?



My sweat friend Anna joins me today to debate this very important topic. We dive into everything from “getting by” with baby wipes in between showers, to putting the hair up in the messy bun.  Nothing is off limits as we discuss everything hygiene related. You may totally relate...or you may be totally scared. Join in on this HILARIOUS conversation with #NoShame


Questions I asked:

  • Are handy-wipes a good shower alternative?

Topics Covered:

  • How often do you shower?
  • The patterns of your sweat.
  • How clean do you need to be?


Quotes from the show:

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