EP. 63 Hey Girl. What to Call Girlfriends (Anna Baeten)/ Sweat Friends

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Do you get offended by being called ‘girl’?  Whether you do or don’t it may be a situation that has come up in your space.  Maybe you’ve been on the offending side or have been offended by what someone else has called you.  So how do we avoid these situations and stay politically correct when trying to use terms of endearment?



My sweat friend Anna Baeten joins me today to sort through this topic to figure out what the heck we should call each other! We even dig into hugging. I am a “social hugger” but Anna says she has had to “learn to hug”. This is a super fun conversation when we dig into all things endearment with our sweat friends!


Questions I asked:

  • Is it okay for me to call you ‘girl’?
  • How to properly use terms of endearment.

Topics Covered:

  • What CAN we call our sweat friends?
  • How can we communicate intention?


Quotes from the show:

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