EP. 61 Don't Agonize Over Little Calories/ModiRE

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When we start making changes to our diet and nutrition we can sometimes focus on the small things and think they are a huge deal, while the big things go unnoticed. In this episode, we dive into why we can’t lose ourselves focusing on the tiny things and ask the question are small rewards okay to indulge in?  



We also take a look at how to pay more attention to what we are eating and identifying the big areas where we can improve.  We even touch on how this relates to finances. Say what!? This may go a little against what you have been told but hey- we may be stressing in areas that we shouldn’t be! Check out this quick episode and let me know what you think!

We want to hear from YOU! Do you stress over the small things? Connect with us and let us know using the links below or email us at hello@wearewannabe.com.



  • Does cutting “baby” calories matter?
  • Recording your habits.

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