EP 60. Crying: Strength or Weakness? (Anna Baeten)/Sweat Friends

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Are you a crier? Do you find that you break down very easily or do the tears rarely come?  Is one right, one wrong? Is one a strength and the other a weakness? It is so interesting how we all process emotion so differently!



My sweat friend, Anna joins us today and although she is not a crier (I so am) she admits to a movie that she has actually cried in! Join us in this hilarious conversation as we explore emotions, crying, and the breakdowns we have had in the strangest places.  


What about you? Are you a crier? Or do you think those people are strange? Send us an email and let us know at hello@wearewannabe.com or connect with us using the links below and let us know!



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  • “I think crying is healthy.”@PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Let people have their emotional moment, before jumping in with a solution.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet


  • Is crying a strength or weakness?


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