EP. 57 But I Wasn't Hitting On Him: When Sweaty Gym Conversations Take A Left Turn (Andrea)/Sweat Friends

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So what happens when a guy thinks you are hitting on him and you totally aren't? For some guys, it seems as though, no matter what you do, they are CONVINCED that you are coming on to them. To be completely honest, we are not even sure we know how to hit on a dude (at least very well). I would probably share a Pinterest board with him or something...



In this episode we share our DEEPEST feelings about this topic and our frustration when people think we are doing something that we aren't! We share stories about a time I tried to guess a guy's sign at the gym (What? I love guessing!) and when someone took something the completely wrong way at work...

What about you? Has this happened to you? How did you handle the situation? Send us an email and let us know at hello@wearewannabe.com or connect with us using the links below and let us know!


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