EP. 51 Yoga Class Horror Stories: All The Ways That Yoga Classes Keep It Real

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We all have yoga horror stories. There are the times when you are in an awkward position and air comes out of a place it’s not supposed to be. There are the times when there are creepy men conveniently standing in the back in class. And there are times when people take off one too many articles of clothing. We have all been there!



My sweat friend Andrea is participating in thirty days of  yoga so we thought this would be the perfect time to share our hilarious stories. We talk about “underwear man”, whether or not men should wear speedos, and a story where I was a key player in someone else’s yoga horror story. You will LOVE this hilarious episode where we get real personal about all things yoga.

What about you? What are your yoga horror stories? Send us an email and let us know at hello@wearewannabe.com or connect with us using the links below and let us know!

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