EP. 50 Special Host! How To Create A Meaningful Life with Sara Grey (and James)

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We have something incredibly special for you today! This is our FIFTIETH episode for Power the Hustle and we are all about celebrating the small wins! In honor of this landmark, we are bringing you a special episode where you will hear my son James, interview me.



About a year ago James came into my office and asked to be on a podcast. We pulled up the mics and with no outline recorded a very authentic conversation with each other where James asks me questions about WANNABE, why I am a feminist, and if I would hand the company over to him when I was gone. This is one of the most special recordings I have (and funniest!) and I am excited to share it with you.


Questions asked (by James):

  • Why are you a feminist?
  • Do you think your boys care about women’s health?
  • If you died would your kids take over WANNABE?

Topics Covered:

  • Why women’s health is important.
  • Why James claims to be a feminist.
  • Link between women’s health and sports.

Quotes from the show:

  • “When women own their bodies, they own their lives.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet

How you can stay in touch with James:

  • Give him a few years and we will get back with you!


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