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What is the difference between a “supplement” and a “meal replacement”? We have been getting this question A LOT over the past couple of weeks. So here you are! In this episode, we talk about what to consider when deciding what to put into your blender bottle.



The term “meal replacement” has been used for years but a lot of people are still confused on what it means.  We are discussing issues including, time considerations, calorie intake issues, and heck whether you like chewing food or not. So join us on this ModiRE Monday as we give our take on meal replacements, supplements, and the pros and cons of both.

We want to hear from YOU! Do you like a meal replacement over a supplement? Or do you like being able to chew food throughout the day? Connect with us and let us know using the links below or email us at hello@wearewannabe.com.



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  • The difference between supplements and meal replacements.

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