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How much protein do you really need? I get this question all of the time.  This is such a fun topic because the answers vary widely depending on who you ask. A lot of people when they think of protein think of weightlifters. But it's not just for them!



Why should you even care about protein? In this episode, we talk about how protein is the building block of our nutrition and how to track how much we are getting in our diet. I even share with you a study that talks about the possible link between protein and fat loss. We are here to advocate you eating without stress and being healthy, no matter what your goals are. That will require you getting in the right amount of protein. Join us today to discuss how much that actually is...

We want to hear from YOU! What are you finding in terms of your protein intake? Connect with us and let us know using the links below or email us at hello@wearewannabe.com.

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  • The origin of the word protein and it’s meaning
  • How to monitor how much protein you are eating in a day.

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