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Do you prefer working out with your friends? Or are you more of a solo-sweat-sesh kinda gal? I honestly like to switch things up a bit between the two for a few specific reasons. In this week’s ModiRE episode, I share with you the pros and cons of both working out with your girlfriends and when you choose to hit the gym solo.



One of the main reasons I love group fitness, whether that is a class or meeting up with my friends for a run, is obviously the accountability. However, there are some drawbacks to relying on a group to push you towards your goals. When you decide to hit the gym by yourself, the perk is that you have more control over the intensity of your workout, but there are some drawbacks that I want you to think about. This discussion will help you set up a workout routine whether that’s with your gals, by yourself, or a little of both, that works for you and your goals.

We want to hear from YOU! How do you get in your best workouts? Do you prefer to workout in a group or by yourself? What kind of workouts do you do in a group? Kickboxing? Yoga? If you hit the gym by yourself, what routine do you have? Connect with us and let us know using the links below or email us at hello@wearewannabe.com.

Quotes of the Day:

  • “Most often, it is not the workout that gets us out of bed in the morning. It is the friendships and unspoken bonds of those counting on us to show up.” -Unknown @PowerHustle Click to Tweet


  • Do you prefer working out with your friends? Or are you more of a solo-sweat-sesh kinda gal?” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet


  • How you can leverage group fitness to add variety to your workout.
  • The importance of diversified leadership and energy in group sessions.
  • The one big advantage of solo sessions that is not offered by group workouts.

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