EP. 26 How to Move Forward Step Over Step with Mirna Valerio, Creator of FatGirlRunning

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You may know her from her wildly popular blog, Fat Girl Running. She was named "Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic, has been featured in NBC, Runner's World, and Women’s Running Magazine (just to name a few). Mirna Valerio, also known as “The Mirnavator”, joins us today to share her journey from having anxiety attacks to running ultra marathons.


In this episode, Mirna shares with us why we should use endurance to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. We also talk about her greatest personal highlight, what book changed her life, and the thing she does every morning to start her day off right. Mirna has a powerful story and is inspiring thousands of people to love their bodies and push through their own mental barriers.

Questions I asked Mirna:

  • What was the hardest moment that you faced while running?
  • What struggles did you face writing your first book?
  • How can we manage our own negative self-talk?

Topics Covered:

  • Her philosophy of why you should "smile more".
  • Her personal mantras that she uses to push through.
  • How she has handled criticism and hate mail.

Quotes from the show:

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