EP. 21 Lockerroom Etiquette: Is That Normal or Are You Uptight? (Rachel)/ Sweat Friends

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Honestly, locker rooms terrify me. Everyone is territorial and trying so hard to not be seen without their clothes on. It makes me uncomfortable because I do not know what to do! What about you? This week my sweat friend Rachel joins me to confront the topic of locker room etiquette.



This is a fun conversation where we share several fun stories about things we have seen in locker rooms (including rumors about men’s locker rooms). This is a fun one! You definitely do not want to miss it!

Topics Covered:

  • Rachel’s strategy to make locker rooms less awkward.
  • What you should pack in your bag for the locker room.
  • The difference between women’s and men’s locker rooms.

Quotes from the show:

  • “Where are the lines in the locker room?” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Locker Room Etiquette: Is That Normal or Are You Uptight?” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet

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