EP. 20 How to Make Your Voice Heard and Influential with Samantha Skey

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When you hear the term “influencer” what comes to mind? Does the word sound appealing to you?  How do we go about building an online presence and share our message in an authentic way? This week we are talking with Samantha Skey the President of SheKnows Media about how to build a personal brand, own the title of an “influencer” and ultimately get our messages heard.




Even if you don't see yourself as an online influencer, is it important to build an online presence? How do we establish ourselves as an authority or expert without coming across as “braggy” or arrogant? These are not easy topics but are critical to address in order to better establish ourselves in a world that is ever-changing. You do not want to miss this powerful episode!

Questions I asked:

  • Is it okay for women to have the ambition to be influential?
  • Do you think that there are some women who have an important message to share but shy away from the word “influence” or “influencer”?
  • What makes it or breaks it for women trying to build an online presence?

Topics Covered:

  • How to escape the “like” cycle and stay true to our message.
  • How to build an online presence when you have a full-time job.
  • The importance of voicing a strong point of view online.

Quotes from the show:

  • “Everyone has influence. If you have a pulse, you have influence.” @samskey7 @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “You have to accept a lot of awesome stuff about yourself to accept the title of “influencer”. @samskey7  @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Acknowledging that you have influence is taking responsibility for your influence.” @samskey7 @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “It's not just about having a lot of followers. It’s about engagement.” @samskey7 @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “If you really want a platform you can create one.” @samskey7 @PowerHustle Click to Tweet

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