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Do you hit the snooze button in life? Are there big dreams or goals that you have but keep putting off and waiting for “the right time”? I have been there! In this episode of ModiRE I share with you part of my personal story and the times that I have hit my own “snooze” button.



I recently heard that 98% of people die without following their dreams. I want to reverse that statistic! How about you? If you are tired of letting things hold you back if you want to quit worrying about all the obstacles in your way, check out this episode!


The Question of the Day:  What is your dream? What has been holding you back? Connect with us and let us know using the links below or email us at hello@wearewannabe.com.


Quote of the day:

  • "You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again" - Benjamin Franklin


Quotes from the show:

  • “It’s rewarding to do the things that matter to us.” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Your secret sauce is you.”@PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Don’t just dream it, do it.”@PowerHustle Click to Tweet
  • “What is your goal? What has been holding you back?” @PowerHustle Click to Tweet


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