EP. 15 Sweat Friends / Binge Eating: Am I Celebrating or Self-Medicating? (Rachel)

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Sweat Friends Sara and Rachel talk binge eating. Ever found yourself half-way through a bag of chips...and you aren't even out of the grocery store? Or maybe you celebrate the fact that you ate healthy all day with donuts? If you're hot in pursuit of making healthy lifestyle changes, but sometimes get off-track, join the Sweat Friends as they commiserate about how stress eating, emotional eating, and party eating wreak havoc in healthy routines.



Topics Covered:

  • Reinforcing healthy eating habits with your friends.
  • Choosing to change your eating habits when you grew up eating unhealthy.
  • How food is associated with celebration.

Quotes from the show:

  • “If I can control my environment I am dialed in.” #PowertheHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Am I celebrating or self-medicating?” #PowertheHustle Click to Tweet
  • “Binge eating is food stress.” #PowertheHustle Click to Tweet

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