EP. 14 Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Want It, Have It, and Enjoy It, with Megan Flemming

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Let's talk about sex! Sex expert, Megan Flemming, dishes out about why you should commit to having a great sex life and how to do it. Listen as we ask all the awkward questions for you, including about just how many marriages are sexless and what can be done about it, how to have sex after having babies, sex after infidelity, fantasies, porn, toys, and how to match up your sex desire card with your partner’s. Wherever you are in your sex life, this episode has something for you.

Questions I asked:

  • What are the common mistakes couples make in their sex life?
  • How can women enjoy sex after having babies?
  • Is it okay to fantasize about someone else while having sex?

Topics Covered:

  • How she got into the topic of sex by learning about cancer.
  • How to find the time to be creative with your sex life.
  • Sexless marriages.

Quotes from the show:

  • “The biggest mistake is taking your partner for granted.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “Monogamy is not monotony.”@MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “A crisis is an opportunity.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “Sex is not supposed to be painful.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “Your relationship is a safety net.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “Anytime you notice something negative find five positives.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet
  • “Create an environment that helps you lose yourself in the experience.” @MeganFlemingPhD Click to Tweet

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