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Like our content? First, gaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Thank you!! We try so hard to create interesting, useful stuff. Second, did you know that you can get it on the go?? Through all the tech trial and error, we triumphantly bring you our WANNABE Radio podcast: Power The Hustle. It’s WANNABE in your ear while you drive, while you workout, while you pretend listen to your spouse telling you about the football bracket. All the things.

If you are new to podcasts, have no fear. A few clicks and you be there. Here’s the need-to-know stuff (sans any more clever rhyming):

What is a podcast? Essentially a podcast is a pre-recorded audio show. Think radio show with downloadable episodes for you to listen to whenever you want. All podcasts are free and most come without commercial interruption.

What do I need to listen to a podcast? You need: 1) an internet connection; 2) either your computer, smart speaker or smartphone or tablet; and 3) a podcast platform or app that suits you.  

How do I listen on my smartphone? The majority of people listen to podcasts on a mobile device. Why? Because we have shit to do. So listen to podcasts right out of your pocket or hooked up in your car through Bluetooth. To get started you need to:  

  • If you’re an Apple user, a podcast app is already installed on your phone. (It’s the purple one with something that looks like a microphone...or the letter “i”... with two circles coming out of it.)
  • If you’re on Android or Windows or you just want another platform, download a podcast app. Some options are listed below.
  • Enter “Power The Hustle” (or another great podcast) into the search bar
  • Hit “subscribe” to the show for quick access next time.

How do I listen on my smart speaker, like Google Home or Amazon Echo? Any Bluetooth speaker will allow you to listen to a podcast from your smartphone as described above. But the Echo is particularly easy because it ties in with TuneIn Radio. So you just say: “Alexa, play Power The Hustle on TuneIn” and Echo will automatically play the most recent episode. Bam!

Why should I subscribe to Power The Hustle? The subscribe button is like the microwave oven of podcast listening: so fast and easy. When you hit subscribe, next time you load up your app, the latest episodes are all there, ready to listen to without a search.

How do I rate Power The Hustle in iTunes? Easy peasy.

  • Launch your podcast app.
  • Tap the SEARCH tab.
  • Enter “Power The Hustle” to locate the podcast.
  • Tap the SEARCH tab again.
  • Tap the album art for the podcast.
  • Tap the REVIEW tab.
  • Tap the WRITE A REVIEW tab.
  • Enter your iTunes user id.
  • Tap the STARS to leaving a rating.
  • Enter title text and comment to leave a review.
  • Tap SEND.   

What are some other podcast apps that I could try? There are several, and you may want to look at a few to decide which floats your boat. Here are a few leading options:

Overcast, Spotify, TunIn Radio, Google Play, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Castro, Acast, and Dogg Catcher (for Android).

Now ya know! Make sure to 1) listen, 2) subscribe, and 3) rate Power The Hustle. Mind-body lifehacks on our ModiRE Monday segments. Interviews of game changers where we discuss real bodies, real hustle and real team drop every Wednesday. And make sure to check out our special series Sweat Friends WorkItOut every Friday! 


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