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The FiTONIC team does have some favorites when it comes to gear. We love testing out and wearing new tech and fashion but do have a soft spot for the tried and true items that have never let us down. Here’s our holiday gift giving guide for the active woman on your list. What are your favorite gear items? Sound off below for the greater good.

Sweaty Betty Shanti Padded Sports Bra: Sweaty Betty a gawgeous London-based brand with sleek lines and fresh patterns. It was painful to choose which Sweaty Betty item to include in this guide. Thankfully my Shanti Padded Sports Bra comforted me through the decision. It’s strappy and shapely. Perfect for a fashionable floor-sweeping Chaturanga or bare-back barre class. When I have something this fun to wear, sometimes I make it to my workout for no reason other than to flash some straps.   

Teal Sweaty Betty Strappy Sportsbra

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Alo Leggings: Alo Yoga, I heart you so hard. These Coast Leggins are sporty + sexy equals fashionable. I mean, they had me at feet strap, but the peek-a-boo leg lines put them beyond want and squarely into the need category. The fabric is comfy and functional. Perfect for perfecting your Slow Flow.

White Leggings by Alo with Cutouts

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Power Beats: YES, PLEASE!! You know that you cannot hit a hard sprint or sink into a deep squat tethered to your music. Bluetooth tech really is a must at the gym. And our pick is Power Beats by Dre. They fit and stay put. Reliable and not so small that they are easily lost in the bottom of your gym bag. They also have an easy-access volume control for that moment when your favorite jam rolls on. Remember that you can power up your workout with WANNABE free playlists at Game, meet game.

Blue beats by Dre Wireless

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Vitamix S55: Obviously, we have lots of thoughts on protein drinks and smoothies. Like lots. There are several excellent blender options available at different price points. But we only had room for one. So, of course, Vitamix. It is the gold standard of blendable pleasures. While many already know the silky smooth magic that is Vitamix, the S55 personal blender doesn’t make the headlines as often as the larger capacity versions. We vote for the S55 because it keeps a smoothie in check. I’m not looking for a 500 calorie protein drink, which is often what I come up with when I have enough room for five fruits. This personal blender limits the space, which limits the over-doing it.

Blender with a travel cup next to it.

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MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes: Once you listen to WANNABE Radio’s interview of Moxie Wild’s Founder, Melissa Werkman, you will be racing to your closest outdoor fitter. It’s cool. We totally did that too. But, you know, winter. So what is one of the easiest ways to enjoy some low-cost winter sporting? Snowshoeing! It is truly loads of fun, requires no extensive training to figure out, and best of all gets you outside enjoying a winter wonderland. With tough, reliable decking, these Lightning Ascent’s provide a solid platform for exploring new trails. Adventuring? Oh my, certainly.

Light blue snow shoes, a pair of them, with one flipped over

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Feetures! Athletic socks: This is the only time I don’t eyeroll to hear that socks are on someone’s holiday shopping lift. These are delightful from the moment you pull them out of your drawer, with fun pops of color, slip them on your feet, with Right and Left socks designated for fit, and until you finish your workout with max comfort and performance. Wearing these socks, you can tell that they are made by people who are passionate about fitness from the feet up.

Single teal colored sock with gray toe

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Lifting Laboratory’s Weight Lifting Hooks: Okay, we get it. If you haven’t seen these before, they look a little intimidating. But they are SO worth it. My Sweat Friend, Rachel, can seriously leg press a car. I stopped trying keep up with her on deadlifts until I found these. Developing grip strength is important, but it also takes time. And I have some deadlifts to do in the meantime! With these hooks, you don’t have to worry about the bar sliding or limit your weight based on your grip. You can lift safer and longer. Voila!

Wrist bands with hooks attached

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Giro Raes Techlace Cycling Shoes: I swear I don’t love these JUST because they are hot pink. (Although, that certainly was enough for me to love them.) Comfort, style, adjustability. These have all the things. The footbed features an adjustable arch to personalize the fit and enhance pedaling efficiency. What we love most though are the laces across the forefoot. None of the fuss. All of the feel.

Pink Giro Cycling Shoe with Black Accents

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Garmin Forerunner 235 Sports Watch: Some days it’s like if I didn’t track it, it didn’t happen. And this little tracker is about as good as it gets. It handles your distance, pace, on the ground and in the water. It has a heart rate monitor, that doesn’t require a chest strap. Best of all, it scores A+ for accuracy. If that wasn’t enough, Garmin has also made this beauty lighter weight than earlier models with a better battery life. Skip the mistletoe. With this watch, I’m all smooches.  

Teal Garmin Forerunner

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S’well Water Bottle: When I’m looking for a water bottle I look for 3 things: will it keep my water cool, but not *too* cold; will it fit in the spin bike drink holder; and will it hold an entire bottle of wine it in to smuggle into summer concerts or the beach? This bottle does all 3 beautifully. Judge me if you want to, but I know you are looking up the website right now because of this third point. The colors and patterns range from totally out there $1,500 bedazzled bottles with crystals to the normal $25 range for a small guzzle size perfect for the first cup of coffee of the day. Or, if you are like me, cup of coffee on the spin bike. Hey hydration is hydration. I love their new resort collection it's makes me feel fancy. 

S'well water bottle with peach background and green leaves and foliage

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Locker Lifestyle - Large Locker: I’m a sucker for a great story and when that story makes for a great product also, I’m all “take my money.” A midwest college athlete created this idea and has won big time with start-up grants like Dolphin Tank. All color options are made of high-performance and dry-wicking material. You can toss this in the washing machine (just air dry it) when it’s a sweaty mess. It holds ALL OF THE THINGS! A “large” will hold: an iPhone 7+, any size Android or smaller (with a thin case on) plus your lip balm, key(s), ID and room for a Kleenex (I ALWAYS need Kleenex while running). In case you were wondering, I prefer the color “cotton candy.”

Hand with Locker wristband with money coming out

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Nathan Reflective Gear: I’m all about “safety first.” And when Daylight Savings Time hits and it’s dark when I get up and dark when I get home from work I turn to this comfy, not super nerdy looking vest to be seen while walking dogs or taking a quick walk up to the store. It only took me about 3 near misses by cars obviously not paying attention to me to put this on my gear list. I wear it all the time - it’s going to be cool to be safe someday and I’m gonna lead the march. Their newest reflective vest features a minimal, modern fit while offering 360-degrees of maximum visibility. Sounds sexy, right?

Hot pink reflective running vest outline

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Manduka Hand Towel: I sweat a lot. Like, only recently have I gotten over it in hot yoga class where I am supposed to be sweating my ass off. So I found this delightful little towel that sucks up everything that I throw at it, including the full water bottle I tipped over IN the yoga studio, plus then the whole hot yoga flow. It’s pretty incredible. Just where does the moisture go anyway? It comes in a ton of colors and when you sign up for the mailing list for Manduka and purchase a mat because now you need all of your things to matchy-match, you get a free month of online yoga. Win-win-win.

Small Pink Yoga Towel

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Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Crack. In. A. Can. Have a limp or sad pony pre- or post- workout? Oribe. Got up after your 15th snooze? Oribe. Didn’t want to go to that holiday party but now that you know it’s free open bar you are totally down but without time to shower or “do” your hair? Oribe. Wanna smell better? Oribe. Love bigger/better hair? Oribe. Hungry? Oribe - just kidding on that last one. You get the idea. Oribe.

Oribe bottle dry texture spray brown with gold etching

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