Resolutions: Why & How to Make Them This Year to Stick

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Resolutions: Why & How to Make Them Stick This Year

You’ve just finished off the last of the Christmas cookies (minus that stash in the freezer that we will pretend you didn’t keep “for emergencies”), drank wine like it was your job (I mean it WAS your job, right?) and are contemplating a run at a bag of peanut M&M’s for lunch because you know, you need to get them out of the house before the new year arrives because you have plans, big plans. Huge. Plans. It won’t be like last year you know, the resolution to “lose weight” only lasted a month or so, you got tired of the gym crowds and the parking and the showering two times a day (what a drag). Oh, and that Whole30 situation last year that was going jump start your progress, was great while you had time off, you prepped those meals like a champ, ate like a queen, that is until you went back to work. Then you began making micro-negotiations in the frozen food aisle like “this is close to Whole30, right?” 

This year, this year is your year. You are choosing you.

We think continuous improvement can be derailed through resolutions, but we don’t want you to bag ‘em just yet, we want you to revise them into more productive experiences. Sure you can still resolve to squat a house if you want to, that’s cool with us but we have more esoteric things in mind for you. Here are the top seven FiTONIC recommendations for resolutions that will not burn you, defeat you, or otherwise put you in a crappy mood by Groundhog Day:

  1. Focus on ratios. We gave up perfection so long ago we don’t even know what that means. Instead we were thinking more in terms of ratios for 2018, like did we eat whole foods [mostly] 75% of the week? Were we active 4/7 days this week? Can we push it to 5/7 next week? Were you able to eat lunch NOT at your desk 3/5 days this week? Set a micro goal every day, manage your expectations and move along. You don’t have time for the guilt trip mind fuckery that comes with blowing your “big resolution” within the first month. You have to move sister. Grab a ratio, improve it. Hell grab two.
  2. Rely on rituals. We think of rituals as habit + purpose. Rituals can be elaborate, like those that some use when intermittent fasting. They can involve a few steps, like setting up your yoga mat in a particular way and moving through a few same stretches before each class. Or they can be real simple, like flashing the two-finger “peace” sign to the Pop Tarts and other sugar-stacked stuff as you breeze by them in the grocery; “You look fine as hell, but you ain’t coming home with me. Peace out!” Whatever the ritual, it will serve as a powerful brain cue reminding you: “Oh right! This is how I roll now.”
  3. It's vision, not numbers. Our lives are so built around numbers it’s dizzying: clock the work hours, weigh the body, check the savings, track the calories, add up the debt payoff, how many steps so far today? Many people find success analyzing the numbers like an accountant right at tax time. But sometimes being too deep into the stats can: 1) make you feel defeated when the perceived outcome doesn’t match the perceived effort and 2) be exhausting. If you want to set new goals, particularly big goals, you want to see it, then live it. One more time: see it, then live it. Ask yourself, if I was already living my vision, what decisions would I be making right now? Focus on the vision of who you FiTONIC and revisit that vision on the regular.  
  4. Add goodness to your routine. This is a little bit of a shameless product plug here, but stay with us a sec, it will pay off. At FiTONIC, we believe that health is so much more than numbers on a scale. To us, it’s about your overall health: mental, physical, emotional—the whole shebang.  Many of our protein blends, which can play a role in your overall health, contain Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda focuses on the interconnectedness between our individual make up (physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional), the universe, what it calls “life forces,” and how harmony (or the lack of it) among those facets affects our overall health. Looking for balance in an otherwise hectic life? Start here with Fit or Blissed.
  5. Share the effort. Hey Martyr, heyyyy. We see you over there, doing all of the things, resenting all of the others for not helping, getting pissed because no one “gets it” like you do. Well, sister, hand over the reigns. You likely have set up this self-fulfilling prophecy of screwing yourself out of free time by not allowing others to help. You might even be one of those they won’t do it “right” types of people. And you’re probably right. They won’t do it right, but is there really a wrong way? Probably not. So in order to focus on your ratios (1) and add some more goodness (2) we are asking you to put it down and walk away slowly. Share the effort please. Delegate. Doing it all is hurting you and probably others around you. While you are at it, listen to our podcast on Sacrificial Helping Syndrome, you might have it - so let's solve it here. 
  6. Let it go. Oh suuuuure. Just let it go, like nbd. Easy for us to say right? Well, no. It’s not easy for us to say, in fact we struggle with this one pretty hard core. Emotional peace is something we have struggled with in our families, at our workplaces, with our mailman (why can’t he put the packages under the awning where they don’t get wet on a rainy day?). You can’t change people by willing them to be different, or bend them to your will - would you really want the world to work like that? If so watch your back, someone is likely trying to force their voodoo on you too. So choose something this year to just totally let go. Don’t even concern yourself with it. See what happens. Disclosure: we don’t mean stop picking your kids up from school or feeding them dinner, you should probably still make those happen.
  7. Revisit and readjust. When you began in January with life changes, even small ones you have to be strategic about the follow up to this; just like in real life strategy comes with micro evaluations all along the way. You have to keep in mind the “reassess and reinform” part of your resolutions. Today you have different information to make choices and so today, is not like yesterday; hell it doesn’t even resemble last month for crying out loud! So how can your resolution get any real traction if you aren’t evaluating and changing you strategy based on the new information? Answer: you can’t! So take the time to listen to your body, your needs, assess your environment continually in order to enact real change, lasting change….not just New Year’s change.

What are you choosing to focus on in the new year? Reaching for something big!?? We’d love to hear about it. 

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