Top 10 Tips to Spice Up Your Workouts

Top 10 Tips to Spice Up Your Workout Routine

Are you tired of your workout routine? Have you stopped working out altogether because you were bored or felt like you were not making progress? If I have learned one thing about fitness it is that whatever you are doing now is not what you will be doing in six months. Maybe you will stay in the same type of workouts (running, weightlifting, cycling, yoga, etc.). But if you go year after year doing the exact same routine, you will eventually sputter and stall. Our minds love habits. Our minds--and our bodies--also like challenges. It’s a fine balance of giving yourself a chance to do things enough time that you feel successful and also pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. By periodically changing up things, even in small ways, you will find yourself charged up.

So here are our top 10 tips to spice up your workouts:

  1. Buy some new workout clothes! Yes!! This is like a prescription for shopping. But for real, it actually kinda is. You KNOW that whenever you get a new workout shirt or leggins, you are fired up to get to it the next day. Who cares if you are training for a marathon, deep in a squat, or mall-walking! Give me a reason to sport those fresh leggings!!
  2. Change your scenery. Maybe you regularly run outside or you regularly run on a treadmill. Maybe you have been working out at the same gym so long that walking towards the workout area feels like eating one more hotdog after a hotdog-eating contest. Hard pass. If that’s you, try changing the scenery. You could do the exact same workout and feel totally invigorated by doing it with new sights and sounds. A couple of gyms we love include @equinox and @crunchgym.
  3. Find a place to do what you do with a DJ. Admittedly this takes a little more searching, but it is so worth it. There are a lot of great boutique fitness studios like @funkybuddhayoga or @f45grandrapids that designate certain classes with a live DJ. I mean, c’mon. That’s The End. If you are like us and are already in bed at 10 pm on a Saturday night, a fitness class might be the only time you have a chance to live DJ it anymore. The energy is addictive and you will be back for more...and still secretly make it to bed before SNL airs.
  4. Invest in new tennis shoes. Yes, this is different than buying new clothes. Why? Because footwear isn’t just fashion. If your feet were feelin’ it, getting a new pair of cushy kicks will have you hoppin out the door for a workout.
  5. Drop HIIT into what you do. Burpees? Yes. Or squat jumps, or jump rope, or stair sprints, or any number of HIIT drills. Why? Because it will not only get up your heart rate, it will definitely grab your attention.  
  6. Get a Sweat Friend. There is nothing like having a good Sweat Friend. Having a workout partner or group is the number one predictor in fitness success. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, add another. If you aren’t sure where to look, join our Private Facebook Group @FiTONIC Fit Club and meet online Sweat Friends there!
  7. Try a new time. This might not work for all of you, but consider it. If you started hitting snooze in the morning because your workouts weren’t calling you, try an afternoon sweat sesh. Maybe you need the extra sleep. Maybe you will find a new Sweat Friend at the gym during a new routine. Maybe you just felt in a rut and need a change in your routine.
  8. Add balance work. This is like the HIIT suggestion. But we rarely hear people suggest it. You want to know what will get your attention? Handstands. Squatting on a Bosu ball. One-leg RDLs. Avoiding a face-plant is a strong motivator.
  9. Ramp it up - Go hard. Remember the thing about feeling challenged? If you are mailing it in during your workouts, no wonder you are bored. Who wants to change clothes to not do a thing? Get out a heart-rate monitor and make sure you are actually showing up when you show up.
  10. Do a totally new workout. You can still mainly run or mainly lift or mainly swim or whatever and still add in something new for a little spice. Like if you mainly eat a lean protein and steamed veggies for dinner, you won’t fall off course to periodically add in tofu tacos. Boutique fitness is perfect for this! Haven’t tried kickboxing? Do. We love @ckogr8. Pilates unchartered territory? Try @flexpilateschicago. Curious about hip-hop dancing and need a place to start? Check out @dancespire_ where they are developing online hip hop dance training so you can literally dance like no one is watching.




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