Mantras That Get You Across YOUR Finish Line


Mantras That Get You Across YOUR Finish Line


Running. It’s a miserable and miraculous experience, amiright? One minute it’s just hard. Another minute (usually near the finish line), total euphoria. Running isn’t just a physical experience; it’s not all about moving through crampy calves or tired thighs.


And it’s definitely not all about trying to squeeze into your high school jeans. (Besides, acid wash is so out.) For those who run, it’s what happens mentally that keeps us lacing up day after day. During a run, usually heading up a hill, we start to hear a voice. Not a burning bush or sanity-crisis situation. But the voice from that part of your head-space that is your own biggest fan and knows you’re made of tough stuff. That voice gets clearer and louder every time we run. Then we carry those head-cheers with us out of running shoes and into every other step we take that day.


At the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon we asked runners what they hear --their running mantras-- that keep them moving forward. There were too many amazing ones to include, but here were some of our faves:


2019 Mantras


  1. You can! - Andrea
  2. Just keep going - forward is a pace! - Kerrie
  3. You got this! - Sandra
  4. I can do hard things. - Suzanna
  5. One step at a time - Katie
  6. No excuses. - Cheryl
  7. This is what you train for. - Cheryl
  8. Your body can do anything - it's your mind you have to convince. -Julia
  9. You are a badass. -Lisa
  10. I've got this! -Jen
  11. Finish! -Cassidy
  12. Be brave. -Alexis
  13. 100% in -Debbi
  14. Get it! -Deanna
  15. I am strong. I am powerful. -Cashel
  16. Celebrate every mile. - Cheri
  17. Be strong for those who can't be. -Dayna
  18. I'm strong, smart & capable. -Haley
  19. Embrace the suck. -Jaime
  20. Life gets better! - Tracee
  21. Make it to the finish. -Jennifer
  22. I couldn't do it yesterday. -Angie
  23. Your limits don't define you, your attitude does. -Sara
  24. Pain is weakness leaving the body. -Juli
  25. Queen, keep your crown up! - Barbara



2018 Mantras


  1. Forward is a pace. - Holly
  2. I run this body. - Alexis
  3. Left foot. Right foot. Breathe. - Janet
  4. I’m not dead yet. - Jamie
  5. You can do anything for a minute. - Deama
  6. Because I can. - Melissa / Eileen
  7. Head up. Wings out. - Kelli
  8. I eat hills for breakfast, and I’m always hungry. - Heather
  9. I can. I will. - Teresa
  10. One step at a time. - Lisa / Shelly / Trish
  11. Enjoy! Look around. - Amy
  12. Run consistently. - Kari
  13. I can do hard things. - Caralee / Arayna
  14. All I need is within me. - Nikki
  15. Keep moving. - Julie / Rebecca / Sharon / Kiersten
  16. It’s all about moving forward. - Lori
  17. I got this. - Rylee / Jennifer / Stacey
  18. You do you. - Cara
  19. She believed she could so she did. - Iracema
  20. Be faster than the ones walking or on the couch. - Kris
  21. I run for chocolate. - Grace
  22. I can do anything. - Maribel
  23. Run with your heart, not your mind. - Beth / Amanda
  24. Be strong. Carry on. - Josie
  25. One foot in front of the other. - Sara / Mindy
  26. Never give up. - Kristin
  27. Just get halfway, and go back. - Chris
  28. My race. My pace. - Shellida
  29. Run...or go home. - Rhonda
  30. This is what you train for. - Cheryl
  31. Finish strong. - Christie / Karen / Kerrie
  32. There is always more in me. - Rebecca
  33. Even when it’s hard, keep going. - Kristin
  34. To finish is to win. - Karen
  35. Believe. - Kim



Congrats to all of you who are lacing up your track shoes and running in your own lanes.



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