Healthy Lunch Guide - One Full Week of Healthy & Easy Lunch Recipes

Healthy Lunch Guide - One Full Week of Healthy & Easy Lunch Recipes

Do you find yourself rushing out of the house each morning?  You are on top of things if you manage to get the kid's lunches ready, your hair done, and making it to work on time?  But what about you? Is your health taking the back burner? Do you find that you completely forget to pack yourself a lunch?  As a result, you are at the mercy of the closest fast food places, or wherever your office is ordering in lunch from?

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Making sure you are set up for health with your lunch doesn’t have to be an Olympic event and we are going to break down how to make sure you stay on track, along with ideas for things to pack.

But what to eat?  That’s the kicker right? So here are some thoughts before we dive into specifics. First, if you are used to eating a certain way be prepared for the change to be hard at times.  It’s not always easy to adjust your habits and what you eat. But don’t feel like you have to go cold turkey with this. If jumping all in at once is too much take it slow. Start off doing one day a week that you pack a healthy lunch.  Then once you have that down, switch to two days a week, and grow it from there. This is a process and we understand that. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t expect to get all this overnight, it takes time. Remember that every step you take towards health is one step closer to whatever your fitness goal is.




Week 1 Lunches


Monday: Turkey wrap - Thinly sliced turkey on a whole wheat tortilla or in a whole wheat pita.  Add a few pieces of lettuce and any other veggie you enjoy.  For an extra spritz, add a touch of lemon juice sprinkled in.

Tuesday: Salad with Egg - Cut salad with veggies of choice, and two hard-boiled eggs.  Use a light dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar, with salt and pepper.

Wednesday: Tuna Sandwich - Mix tuna with low-fat mayonnaise or spicy brown mustard. Add to whole wheat bread or whole wheat pita.

Thursday: Chicken wrap - one can of shredded chicken mixed with a touch of olive oil and vinegar, with salt and pepper added.  Then add thinly sliced cucumber and lettuce and place in a whole wheat tortilla, or whole wheat pita.

Friday: Quinoa bowl - Cook ½ cup quinoa (uncooked ½ cup). Add beans of choice and salsa once quinoa is cooked. Place in container.

Saturday: Tuna Salad - Salad with choice of veggies, olive oil, and red wine vinegar salt and pepper. Add one packet or can of tuna fish.

Sunday: Burrito Wrap - mix chicken beans and salsa up and add to whole wheat tortilla


Want more ideas? We have a full two-week guide (with MORE planning tips that will save you time!)

You can grab it here!


More to come!

Sara Grey


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