WANNABE Athlete of the Week Elizabeth Schenk, Figure Competitor!

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WANNABE Athlete of the Week


Elizabeth inspires us with her commitment to fitness, despite her full garden. She is the Owner of the wildly popular florist @poshpetalsgr and still manages to train and compete in bodybuilding competitions, in the Figure Category. While her wash-board abs show her dedication, it's her motivation that made a mark on us. 

1. Why did you start competing in Figure competitions? 
I spend a lot of time training. It started to feel like being a baseball player who never got to play a game. These competitions let me feel like I'm getting to compete in my sport. 

2. What are your favorite lifts? 
I love squats, leg press, and anything for shoulders!

3. What's the hardest part of competing? 
The mental game. That part is always the hardest for me. Your weight goes up and down, close to the competition your diet becomes so restricted, you can feel tired or cranky from the workouts and diet restrictions. You have to be strong to be a business owner and to be a mother. Then you add on the training and nutrition requirements, it can be really challenging. 

4. That sounds super hard. So then why stick with it? What do you hope to gain? 
For me, competing isn't about how I look. It's about internal growth. I struggle with patience. I struggle with focus and staying on task. What I learn from the dedication it takes to compete translates into every other aspect of my life. It helps me develop patience outside of my training. It helps me develop focus beyond the gym and what I eat. 

5. After a competition, what do you eat? 
Ha! I used to eat a ton of cookies and cupcakes, but that would leave me feeling sick for days. It's not worth it. After my last competition, I went for shrimp and grits, but I'll always be a cheeseburger and pizza girl. 

You can follow Elizabeth's fitness journey @bicepsandblooms.

WANNABE Athlete of the Week WANNABE Athlete of the Week WANNABE Athlete of the Week

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on your competition success, your super pumped biceps, your thriving business, and finding your peak mental game through your physical gains. 

If you are a female athlete, whether that is competing in your 50th triathlon or first 5k, or you wanna high-five the effort of your Sweat Friend, email us at hello@wearewannabe.com to be nominated for Athlete of the Week!



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