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This week we are high-fiving FiTONIC's Athlete of the Week: Betsey Ingraham!!  Betsey inspires us by how she OWNS introducing others to fitness. She shares her fitness journey on Instagram @tinkerbell324bb. Some of our favorite posts are her series of yoga feet as she recovers from running. And of course her posts about WHY she runs, like this great one: 

Today’s 5k was a challenge. I ran more today than I have since The Whoville 5k. Being a champion does not mean that you are always at your best. It means that you give your best every time you go out there. That may mean each time is a new “best”. 

Betsey spends her day in a higher-education music department. In her "down time," she is part of the #planksquad and one of Gazelle Sports Activators. Here's a little more about Betsey's running journey:

  1. Why do you run?
    I run for all those in my life who can’t, for the hope that it brings to my soul. I run for my health now and in the future. 
  2. What is your running mantra?
    It’s not how far you go, but how far you can challenge your soul. 
  3. What was your worst running experience?
    The 2017 Women Run the D half marathon on Belle Isle. It was so hot, with no shade. I felt I was ready and hydrated, but the race took everything from me. 
  4. What have you learned from running?
    That I am capable of more than I ever imagined. 
  5. What song makes you want to speed ahead?
    Eminem “Loose Yourself”
  6. What is your biggest takeaway from helping others find their own paths to running?
    People tell me that I inspire them which is humbling to me. It was not my intention to inspire others, but for them to inspire me. When my husband ran his first marathon and my son ran his first half this past October in the Grand Rapids Marathon, my heart swelled. It was because I had challenged myself that they felt the pull to do it themselves. 

Congratulations, Betsey, on all that planking, how you keep moving, and finding your peak mental game through your physical gains! 

If you are a female athlete, whether that is competing in your 50th triathlon or first 5k, or you wanna high-five the effort of your Sweat Friend, email us at to be nominated for Athlete of the Week!


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