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This week we are high-fiving FiTONIC’s Athlete Spotlight: Tiffany Huebner. While Tiffany was active her whole life, didn’t really get into weightlifting and circuit training until about nine years ago.  From there she discovered just how strong she could become. As a working mom, and being married she has to find the balance between work, family, and her fitness.  She shares with us some deep insight into why she believes it’s important to keep pushing in your fitness goals. Big high five to Tiffany!


What is your fave way to train (running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting, dancing…)?

I love circuit training and weightlifting. I love to push my body hard to see what it can do!

How did that become your thing?

I’ve been active my whole life, but it wasn’t until I got married almost nine years ago and started going to a private gym that I really got into circuit training.  I’ve been doing it ever since!

This past year I set a goal for myself to follow a weightlifting program for an entire year to see how strong I could get.  It’s been amazing to see how far I’ve come almost 365 days later.

How has training physically changed you mentally or emotionally?

Training is my “me” time.  I have two kids that keep me busy every day; so the gym is my time to de-stress and focus on my physical and emotional well being.  

Weightlifting is a big mental game.  You have to push through a lot of self-doubt at times, but when you do it is the most rewarding feeling.

What is still hard for you about your training, fitness, or nutrition?

I have a sweet tooth, so I sometimes struggle with keeping it in check.  Dark chocolate is my go to now.

What is the mantra in your head that you hear most often when you train?

You can do hard things!  It helps me push through any mental blocks I may have.

What do you love most about your body?

I love that my body carried and birthed two beautiful babies,and that I’m able to work just as hard postpartum as I did before having kids.  Our bodies can do amazing things! And I really like my arms right now. :)

If you have worked with a coach, what’s the most important lesson you learned from that person?

I learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I was capable.  They taught me that when I want to quit, I can give more; another 30 seconds, another rep, another mile.  

What is your fave nutrition tip? Or if you have tried a FiTONIC product, how do you use it in your day?

Eat whole foods!  People seem to make nutrition more complicated than it needs to be.  If you focus on eating whole foods it takes the guesswork out of what to eat.  

If you could tell only one thing to every woman who is struggling in her fitness journey, what would that be?

Enjoy the journey!  We get so focused on the end goal, but the journey is what gets us there; and if you aren’t having fun along the way, you won’t stick with it.  Fitness is fun if you let it be!

What goal are you going to crush next??

Squat 200 pounds!  2019 will be the year!

And find the balance between fitness, family, fun, and work.  :)

BIG thank you to Tiffany for being our FiTONIC’s Athlete Spotlight!

You can connect with her on:


Instagram: @tiffany_afitmomslife

Twitter: @fitmomslifeblog


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