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This week we are high-fiving FiTONIC’s Athlete Spotlight: Ali Kresta! Ali first used fitness as an outlet for the stress that she was feeling from work (ever been there!?). She now has her own boot camp and is passionate about how all forms of movement can change someone not only physically but emotionally. She talks to us about how through her workouts she can silence the “inner bully”, the positive mantras that she uses, and how to value EXACTLY where you are at in your journey. Big thank you to Ali for this super encouraging interview!



What is your fave way to train (running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting, dancing…)?

Indoor Cycling, Running, Boxing, Yoga, Weightlifting, ALL kinds of athletic and functional training and of course my own HIIT workout program - Bikini Bootcamp! 


How did that become your thing?

I love variety when it comes to training, but I definitely stick to the more high-intensity stuff. I used to work in a very stressful, high stakes job and training became my outlet.


How has training physically changed you mentally or emotionally?

Training has helped me mentally and emotionally in so many ways. It has helped boost my confidence, it’s helped me deal with anxiety and it’s even helped me through some of my biggest heartbreaks and setbacks. I’ve become mentally and emotionally stronger because I have learned to challenge myself and do things beyond my preconceived limitations, which are amazing skills that you can translate into other areas of life.


What is still hard for you about your training, fitness or nutrition?

Oh my gosh, so many things are still hard for me! But if I had to narrow it down, it would be nutrition and showing myself kindness. With nutrition, I struggle because I LOVE food. I love beer, I love being social and eating all the good stuff. So, I practice flex dieting which has worked best for me and it’s what I incorporate in my training with clients and online programming.

Kindness is something I struggle with because I am a chronic perfectionist. If I’m struggling in a workout, I often hear my inner bully creep in. I’ve noticed I can put myself down and I’m really hard on myself if I’m struggling to do something. But, I’ve become aware of this so now when I notice when this voice creeping in, I’m now able to replace that voice with kinder, more supporting and loving words.


What is the mantra in your head that you hear most often when you train?

Haha oh man, I have so many mantras! But I am trying to practice kindness to myself so I’ll tell myself things like, “You GOT this!”or “You’ve done harder things” or if I’m really struggling to do something, I tell myself that it’s okay, it’s just something I need to work on and I create a plan to tackle that obstacle.

What do you love most about your body?

Hmmm, I’ve really learned to love all parts of my body. But the body part I like to show off the most is my shoulders and back. I think on a woman they’re so feminine and sexy.


If you have worked with a coach, what’s the most important lesson you learned from that person?

I’ve always been an athlete but soccer was the main sport I played from a very young age and through college. My coach was a mentor to me and still is. One thing he taught me though, was the importance of attitude and enthusiasm. At the time I didn’t understand what those things had to do with soccer but now, I realize that the attitude and energy you bring when you approach anything in life can make or break an outcome.


What is your fave nutrition tip?

My favorite nutrition tip is to find what works best for YOU. Don’t jump on the latest hype product, program or trend because everyone else is doing it. Try a bunch of different things and decide what works best for your body and most importantly, what is the most sustainable.

It has to be something that can become a lifestyle for you. For me, it’s flex dieting because I don’t like to restrict myself if I feel like indulging. It’s not realistic for me to put limitations on myself in that way so I have a very structured way of balancing what I eat.

However, I’ve worked with private clients and I have people who’ve done my online program that can’t allow themselves a “cheat” because it gets them completely off track. They work better with more restrictions and are able to incorporate those restrictions into their lifestyle, so I coach them differently.



If you could tell only one thing to every woman who is struggling in her fitness journey, what would that be?

Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Wherever you are on your journey right now, is okay. You are exactly where you are meant to be because there is so much you need to learn and have learned already in order to get to where you want to be. And there is no final destination!

There’s always room for growth and improvement and progress. I’m a fitness pro and I’ve messed up so many times! I’m constantly starting over and improving, growing and learning. It doesn’t matter how many times you get off track, mess up, fail, etc. Every day is a new opportunity to start over and get to a better place. If you strive to be better, every day, even in small ways, you are succeeding.


Don’t be hard on yourself. Speak kindly to yourself, love yourself and give yourself credit for even trying. You will get to where you want to be eventually.


What goal are you going to crush next??

I tend to have a holistic approach to fitness and wellness but right now in my training, I’m really focused on my body comp. I’m very data focused right now getting my body fat to a certain number. I’ve always avoided this in my training because I’m a perfectionist and I tend to get a little obsessive but I’m finally in a strong enough place mentally and emotionally where I can do this in a healthier way. I’m also trying to improve my mile time in distance running and taking my boxing skills to the next level, I LOVE it.


BIG thank you to Ali for being our FiTONIC’s Athlete Spotlight!

You can connect with her on:


Instagram: @alikfitness

Twitter: @alikresta




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