FiTONIC Athlete of the Week: Pro MMA Fighter Miranda Maverick

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This week we are high-fiving FiTONIC's Athlete of the Week: Pro MMA Fighter Miranda "Fear The" Maverick! What started off as a simple comment from her dad turned into a full career for 21-year-old Miranda. She is now a professional fighter working hard to earn a title. This week she shares with us a little more about her journey and the mindset it takes to be a champion!


Hi! Tell us a little about yourself and your fitness journey!

I started Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at 16 years old and decided to do MMA when I turned 18. As an amateur, I was 7-1 ranked as #1 in the Midwest United States and was the youngest to be granted this title. I held the flyweight women's amateur title for Shofight and Blue Corner Championships. Two weeks before my 19th birthday, I turned pro via an Invicta Fighting Championships contract for 4 fights. My dream had come true. I am now 4-1 as a professional and want to have a title shot as soon as possible.

What first inspired you to pursue this path?

My dad was sitting with me watching Ronda Rousey's first UFC fight and told me I could do that and that I could be a world champion at something like that. I laughed it off, saying I wouldn't like getting punched in the face. Then as a self-defense venture, I started BJJ, and the rest is history:)


What do you believe to be your greatest strength and weakness?

My greatest strength, but also my greatest weakness, is my mindset. I push myself harder than anyone else can, and most of the time this makes me progress and succeed. Other times I get very stressed from not meeting my own expectations and can lose confidence or begin second-guessing myself.

Have you worked with coaches? If so, what is one major takeaway that you have learned through them?

Listen: sometimes you are not in a position to see what you are doing wrong and they are. Also, there is something to learn from everyone: regardless of the style, or skill level, there is a movement, an attitude, or a strategy you can learn from anyone.


What is the hardest part about what you do?

I would say the mental fight leading up to each bout can be rough, especially when you are cutting weight. The concept of having complete confidence is key and at times when you are miserable and weak from depletion and dehydration, that positive outlook is hard. The pressure and stress are the hardest for me personally. Knowing how far this dream could take me, but also knowing how terrible losing feels. Also, the effect of losing out on the win bonus hurts my financial stability.

What is the most rewarding?

Seeing how much others are inspired by my journey is the most rewarding thing about mixed martial arts. My hand being raised represents my family, friends, gym, and fans all winning too!


“My hand being raised represents my family, friends, gym, and fans all winning too!”


What is your nutrition like? Any tips?

I have a nutritionist from Supplement Superstores, Wes Osburn, who I entrust with my nutrition. He has me go by macros, keeping my calories high and my macros are high in protein with a healthy portion of carbs as well. Staying within my carb and fat limit is important for my muscle gain and definition.

Looking forward to the future, who do you WANNABE?

I WANNABE the youngest world champion of Invicta Fighting Championships and then move on to the UFC, becoming the same for them!


BIG thank you to Miranda for being our Athlete of the Week!

You can connect with her at:

Instagram: fearthemaverick_sfcmma

Facebook: Miranda "Fear The" Maverick

Twitter: FearTheMaverick


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